• 10/08/2017
    Plagiarism in academic space of Georgia - prevention and struggle

    Tbilisi. The European Union financed a two-year project of 12 Georgian universities and the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia with 856’834,00 euros to retrain academic staff, renew academic writing courses and purchase a plagiarism detection program.
    This activity started in the spring of 2015 with a project funded within the framework of the "Open Society Georgia Foundation” Higher Education Support Program. With the help of the grant of the Foundation the "Plagiarism in academic space of Georgia - prevention and struggle” project of uni.ge, a non-governmental organization, was implemented. The project aimed to promote development of academic culture in Georgia, study a problem of plagiarism in academic space and, on the basis of public discussions, elaborate a unified capable position in regard to plagiarism.
    The "Open Society Georgia Foundation” pays special attention to sustainability of projects financed by it, therefore, introduction of recommendations developed as a result of a study and their consideration in subordinate acts were priority for the Foundation and uni.ge continued active work – introduction of recommendations, as well as establishment and support of academic culture against plagiarism.
    As a result, part of recommendations elaborated within the framework of the project were implemented:
    - National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement presented both new standards of authorization of higher education institutions and a recommendation of the Project Working Group on December 6-7, 2016;
    - The Foundation helped to additionally translate and publish a set of recommendations "Provision of good scientific practice”, which is related to not only plagiarism, but in general to the issue of prevention of academic dishonesty too.
    Source:The website of the organization

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