• 11/08/2017
    10th Annual Constitutional Court Summer School in Batumi

    Adjara. On July 24 through August 4, the Constitutional Court of Georgia conducted its 10th Annual Summer School on Constitutional Law and Human Rights.
    The Summer School was held on the Court’s premises in Batumi. The Summer School is designed to enhance the knowledge of future legal professionals in constitutional and human rights laws and is considered one of the most effective ways to promote human rights in Georgia today.
    Twenty-eight students had the opportunity to learn from experts, interact with peers, and build relationships. Before the start of the Summer School in Batumi, students met with the President of Georgia and the Ombudsman in Tbilisi to learn about the role that both institutions play in the development of democracy and rule of law in Georgia. Students also visited the USAID office in Georgia, where Deputy Mission Director Thomas Morris made a short presentation for students on USAID’s work in Georgia and the role it plays in the development of democracy and rule of law in the country.
    EWMI/PROLoG has supported the Constitutional Court Summer School for years.
    Source: The website of the organization

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