• 13/02/2018
    Address of civil society organizations to European Commissioners

    Tbilisi. Civil society organizations operating in Georgia address European Commissioners regarding a bill on Labor Safety. Recipients of the address are: Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner, the Directorate-General for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations (NEAR); Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (EMPL); Cecilia Malmström, European Commissioner, Directorate-General for Trade Issues.
    "Respective institutions of the European Union are well aware of an existing weak labor policy in Georgia, as a result of which employees perform unstable, low-paid and insecure work in disgraceful working conditions. While on those sites, where there is high risk of injury and death of employees, fatal industrial accidents take place every week” – the address reads, - "on the background of growing demands of the society regarding changes in labor policy and a number of important commitments reflected in the EU Association Agreement, there was an expectation within the society that next step of the state would be adequate and would actually contribute to labor safety, including protection of labor rights at workplaces. However, the bill proposed by the government, despite its numerous positive provisions, is weak in the part of its execution and does not include sufficient mechanisms that would assure us in the will of the government to actually protect laborers at workplaces”.

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