• 19/04/2019
    EU-supported Festival „Positive Parenthood“ was held in Lagodekhi

    Kakheti. Over 100 people, most of them children, parents and educators as well as invited guests enjoyed the Festival "Positive Parenthood” in Leliani village, Lagodekhi municipality. The EU-supported festival aimed to promote healthy parenting practices, by demonstrating joint sports and entertaining activities of parents and children that encouraged their closer releationship and friendship.
    Organization of public events and trainings on positive parenting is the initiative of Leliani Adult Education Center. It was selected for EU funding by CARE and Lagodekhi LAG under the ENPARD rural development project. The initiative was launched in January 2019 with a series of information meetings with Lagodekhi resident parents, both mothers and fathers, educators and children of 6-18 age. The trainings aim to promote proper and healthy practices of parenting. At the meetings, psychologists inform the participants about the main stages and crises of child development, and the ways to overcome them. They discuss important topics, particularly conflict situations and how to manage them in a peaceful way. Parents and children are also engaged in the making of animation movie on positive parenting. The trainings cover all communities in the municipality and are very popular among the residents. It already trained hundreds of parents and kindergarten staff, who gained understanding of healthy parenting practices and how to use them in real life.
    Source: http://enpard.ge

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