Georgian Harm Reduction Network
Was registered in 2006 and affiliates 23 non-governmental organizations, which work directly on drug abuse related issues.
Address: Tbilisi, 2 Pekini Ave.
Phone:(+995 32) 247 87 94 +995 2331143 +995 2335523
Eurasia Partnership Network
The Network unites: New Eurasia Foundation, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, East Europe Foundation, Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia, and the Eurasia Foundation.
Address: Tbilisi, 3 Kavsadze Street
Phone:(+995 32) 225 39 42/43, 225-27-63/78/82;
E-Mail: [email protected]

Regional Development Network
Regional Development Networkwas establishedin 2009andincludes180participantsfrom different regions. The network aimsto promoteregionaldevelopment.
Address: Tbilisi, NinoChkheidze Str.28/7
Phone:(+995 32) 2 96-32-25 (+995) 555 949 321

Georgian Green Network
Informal union of civil society organizations and experts, which aspires to protect the environment, and to promote sustainable development and introduction of environmental and social justice principles in Georgia. The Networkincludes14non-governmentalorganizations
Address: Tbilisi, 27/29 Paliashvili Str.
Phone: (+995 32)229 27 73
E-Mail: [email protected]

Caucasus Women's Network
The Network focuses on the protection of women's rights and gender equality issues.
Address: Tbilisi, 10 Asatiani Str.
Phone: (+995 32)298 86 95
E-Mail: [email protected]

Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN)
CENN was founded in 1998 and works on the promotion of civil society development and environmental issues. CENN's geographic domain – South Caucasus.
Address: Tbilisi, 27 Bethlehem Str.
Phone:(+995 32)275 19 03 / 275 19 04
E-Mail: [email protected]

European Network – Youth Knot
The Network unites the youth residing in the Eastern Europe, Baltic and South Caucasus states. It is a virtual resource space for the youth.
Address: Tbilisi, 40 Tsinamdzghvrishvili Str.
Phone: (+995 32)295 29 34
E-Mail [email protected]

Eastern Georgia CSO Network
Promotion of NGO development.
Address: Rustavi, 9/1 Pirosmani Str.
Phone:(+995 341) 25 88 22
ელ-ფოსტა: [email protected]

Pro-European NGO Network
Sharing of experience and promotion of partnership between pro-European Georgian NGOs and NGOs operating in the Eastern Partnership states.
Address: Tbilisi, 1 Freedom Square
Phone: (+995 32) 2 47 03 12
E-Mail: [email protected]

The South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders
The Network affiliates 30 human rights organizations operating in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, and it aims to promote safe and favorable working environment for the human rights defenders and enhance the role of civil society in the region.
Address: Tbilisi, Meliton Kantaria str. #11a (former Gagarini II Entrance)
Phone:(995 32)2 38 46 48
Fax: (995 32)2 38 46 48

Anti-Violence Network of Georgia
The Network affiliates 10 NGOs and promotes anti-violence environment.
Address: Tbilisi, 9 Zurab Chavchavadze Str.
Phone:(+995 32)295 06 79;
Fax: (995 32)295 06 79;
E-Mail: [email protected]

The Regional Media Network
The Network unites up to 30 journalists and 10 radio stations operating in Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia.
Phone:(+995 32) 298 99 70
E-Mail: [email protected]

Georgian Regional Radio Network
The Network is the union of independent radio stations, affiliating the following radio stations: "Hereti", "DzveliKalaki", "Harmony", "Atinati". The Network aims at promoting the formation of civil society and lawful state in Georgia, eradication of corruption, transparency of public institutions, accountability of the authorities, and rule of law, as well as at promoting the popularization and development of NGO sector and formation of free and professional mass media.
Address: Tbilisi, 1 Khidi Str.
Phone:(+995 32) 236 95 18; (995 577) 50-10-28

Gender Informational Network of South Caucasus
The Network affiliates up to 300 organizations operating in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan and it aims to promote the protection of women's rights.
Address: Tbilisi, 40 Tsinamdzghvrishvili Str.
Phone:(+995 32) 295 29 34; 2 94 26 99
Fax: (+995 32) 2 94 26 99
Samegrelo gender Network
Network was founded in 201, by the sssociation" Mercury " initiative . Network
Includes operating in the region of 13 from Samegrelo and 1 of the occupied territories of Abkhazia , who are working women problems in various fields such as human rights , civic education , Health care, the rights of refugees.
Address: Zugdidi, Rustaveli Ave. N 92 (Second Floor)
Phone: (+99 5415) 22 05 50
E - mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Consortiumfor legal aidinGeorgia
The networkwas establishedin 2012 anditincludes4civil societyorganizations.The network is serving
free legalaid for IDP and refugeesliving inGeorgia
Phone: 599-91-24- 71
E - mail: [email protected]
IDPNGO NetworkSynergy
The networkwas founded in 2004and includes 17non-governmentalorganization. The Network's aim is conflict resolution and promotion of
refugees participation in political proeceses
Phone: 593 314069, 593 3203 36
Address: Tbilisi, Tabidze Str.#20
Eastern Partnership - Georgia
Georgian National Platform of Eastern Partnership is an association of local and international non-commercial legal entities registered in Georgia, aiming to promote and implement the Eastern Partnership goals initiated by the European Union in its eastern neighborhood.
Phone: (995 593) 10 44 64
E-Mail: :[email protected]


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