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Why? Who?

The web portal www.csogeorgia.org was created to exchange information, improve communication, and share  the resources among civil society organizations (CSOs). This virtual  space will enable the representatives of public, international  organizations, and any interested persons to obtain information on CSOs  and their activities, i.e. to get familiar with out work, by spending  the minimum time and energy.

The portal www.csogeorgia.org was created through the partnership of Civil Society Institute and "Open Society - Georgia" Foundation, as well as with the support of Brot fur die Welt Fund and the European Union (EU). The materials available on the portal may not express the views of initiators and partners of the web page. We look forward to hearing from you - write to us.

This page has been  updated with the request of Civil Society Institute within the framework of the project “Georgian Civil Society Sustainability Initiative” supported by the European Union and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. Its contents is the sole responsibility of CSI and can in no way taken to reflect the views neither of the European Union nor the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

What? How?

For you to quickly find and get familiar with desired information, we  will explain in few words the content of the portal, how we gathered the  resources and how we can cooperate. 

Georgia CSO’s web-portal: www.csogeorgia.org

News – this is the virtual "presentation hall" of CSO activities. We will try our best to attend all of your events and provide users with information on your activities. If we are unable to attend, forgive us and send us the information – do not miss a chance to get acquainted and familiar with, and present to the public the work we do.

We will visit your events. If we fail to visit, rest assured we are looking forward to your e-mail. Write to us.


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Database of CSOs operating in Georgia – this is the first effort of setting up the integrated database on organizations operating in Georgia. There is a drastic difference between the number of registered and functioning organizations, but identifying the exact difference is still difficult. At this point the portal hosts information on hundreds of organizations operating all over Georgia. It is equally difficult to say whether the database fully reflects the existing picture. We obtained the information on organizations from thousands of web sites (after obtaining the contact details the data were verified with the representatives of organizations) and it may be possible that we missed some of organizations. Forgive us and let us know about you, let's draw the map of Georgian CSOs together.

Registered in the database: 856 organizations

Could not find your organization in the database? Or are the data incomplete? We look forward to hearing from you. Write to us.

Networks and platforms – to assist the users, we created a separate database of networks and platforms set up by CSOs in Georgia. We obtained information online from the host of different web sites.

Registered in the database: 14 networks

Registered in the database: 1 platform

Could not find information on your network or platform in the database? Or are the data incomplete? We look forward to hearing from you. Write to us.

Database of international missions and programs – it contains detailed contact information on almost all international missions and their programs, working domain of which covers Georgia and programs that are being implemented in Georgia. Gathered information will facilitate the international missions and CSOs in planning their activities.

Registered in the database: 62 international missions

Registered in the database: 68 programs

Could not find your mission or program in the database? Or are the data incomplete? We look forward to hearing from you. Write to us.

Grant competitions – the database will reflect grant competitions announced by local and international organizations and state authorities. Provide us with information, we are ready to publish it on integrated portal of CSOs. E-mail us, file application and get familiar with the organizations' activities.

Consultations / Legislation – should you need consultations on matters related to non-entrepreneurial legislation, we are eager to help – send us your questions and receive answers from qualified lawyers in a short period of time. Or have a look at "Frequently Asked Questions" - you will find many interesting and necessary answers. In addition, you can get familiar with the legislation regulating the activities of not-for-profit legal entities. If you still decide to ask, we are ready - e-mail us.

Useful resources – the database will include auxiliary and model materials, which will facilitate the activities of functioning or start-up organizations.

Library – it is planned to upload the online versions of books published by CSOs in the virtual space, which is hard to imagine without all of you helping us. Let's share with each other the published books, various publications or studies. Let's allow the society to get familiar with and obtain information on issues that are not available in libraries or book stores through the virtual library.