IDFI's Annual Report – 2019
Meeting on Addressing All Forms of Intolerance and Discrimination
Recommendations for people with tuberculosis during the COVID-19 pandemic
GYLA calls on Chairperson of the Supreme Court...
Newsletter # 351: Grants, Fellowships, Contests…
5G technology, Russian disinformation and coronavirus
Cycle of short films - Republic is our tradition
Ivane Javakhishvili and independence of Georgia
The Soviet Union like a communal apartment, i.e. how the Soviet Union encouraged ethnic specificity
Winners of the competition of bloggers have been identified
National Communications Commission encourages restriction of access to public information
GYLA applied to the Parliament with alternative reports regarding the state of execution of Strasbourg court cases
Innovative project to deal with the problem of early marriage
Facebook cleansing survivor fake media network
Access to courts - Results of a public opinion survey
Newsletter #350: Grants, Fellowships, Contests…
EMC: Intended amendments to the Law on Health Care contain risks of violation of human rights
Solidarity campaign to support journalists of Adjara TV and Radio of Public Broadcaster
GYLA negatively appraises regulations to be imposed after termination of the state of emergency
Killers of Otkhozoria are still unpunished
Media Advocacy Coalition responds to risks of encouragement of discrimination against TV25
Remote information meeting with civic education teachers