Newsletter #463: Grants, Fellowships, Contests…
Newsletter #462: Grants, Fellowships, Contests…
Working meeting with the members of the Baghdati Youth Council
Consultations provided to the representatives of civil society and community organizations in Tkibuli municipality
Social Justice Center is the Winner of the 2022 OSCE Global Award!
Empowering New Generation of Local Civil Society Leaders in Georgia – closing meeting
Newsletter #461: Grants, Fellowships, Contests…
Russia’s aggression against Ukraine: EU adopts “maintenance and alignment” package
Awarding Ceremony of the Participants of the Third Cohort of the Educational Certification Program in Fighting Corruption
State Resources at the Service of the Ruling Party: Proven Methods of Vote Buying and Illegal Mobilization of Voters in Georgia
The importance, role, stages, methods and specifics of advocacy
Why Is Biden’s Middle East Tour Important?
Report on the Performance of the Parliament of the Tenth Convocation
A 3-day training-session “NATO Youth Academy”
Causes of Migration and Employment Opportunities in the Imereti Region
Newsletter #460: Grants, Fellowships, Contests…
Educational Program “Youth for Changes”
The educational resource: Parents ABC
CSOs’ letter to Carl Harzell
Company with links to the Georgian Dream wins tenders in Imereti
Carl Hartzell is completing his diplomatic mission in Georgia
Human Rights Center switched to a 4-hour work schedule on Fridays