We love you elders

We love you elders

In the village of Skra, volunteers use bicycles to visit elders, collect laundry and take it to a social laundry, while later return it washed. The project “We love you elders” is implemented by the civil society organization “Betlemi” since 2017 and aims at the integration of elders into society as well as the improvement of their conditions. The social laundry was created within the framework of this project and changed the lives of elders while caring for them and attention made their lives easier.

A granny, who inspired the project, is still involved in all activities, which is a visible example to everyone that any person can make the lives of others better if s/he has a desire and ability to do so.

“Betlemi” existed since 2000 as an initiative group and its member local residents were best aware of the problems of the village of Skra in Gori Municipality. Later on, the initiative group founded a non-governmental organization.

A conducted survey revealed that the epidemic had a particularly severe impact as on socially vulnerable lonely elders, as well as on other social groups and families in the Skra community. Those having just a pension as an income are unable to cope with food, medicines, utilities related and other unforeseen expenses, in addition to this they suffer from disabilities caused by age, trauma due to loss of loved ones, or increased cases of domestic violence.

The organization “Betlemi” intends to assist even more socially vulnerable, displaced, lonely elders in the community of Skra. Due to deteriorated weather conditions in winter, they plan to temporarily replace bicycles with a minibus that has a washing machine installed in it and visit each elderly person to serve them at their own homes.

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