Community organization “Toliskuri”

Community organization “Toliskuri”

A lot of things in the life of Luka changed for the better since he discovered that woodworking is his favorite activity.

Do you know who helped him discover and study his favorite activity?

Education and Development Center “Toliskuri” is a non-governmental organization that works aiming at the informal education and civic activism of Khobi residents, especially young people, as well as to facilitate the improvement of their economic situation.

Community organization “Toliskuri” has a very big and important role in the life of Luka since with its help he has found the favorite activity, which will accompany him throughout his life and give him pleasure. With the support of the organization, 

Luka has learned: woodworking, assembling various tools, and a lot of other activities. Luka considers that when you love what you do, then you are more motivated and diligent. And one more - he shares acquired knowledge with his peers, he knows well how important sharing of knowledge and experience is for the development of people.

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