EMC responds to a strike of social agents
Statement of Non-Governmental Organizations in Response to the Ambassador of the Federal republic of Germany to Georgia
Legal analysis of criminal cases related to June 20-21 developments
Outcomes of a public opinion survey: Court and prosecution
Ensuring public engagement in police activities
Intention of possible assassination of a journalist must be considered as a Russian plan to destabilize Georgia
GYLA continues to protect interests of those affected by the June 13, 2015 disaster
EMC responds to deaths workers
Status of implementation of the strategy and action plan of the judicial system
System of disciplinary liability of judges
System of electronic distribution of cases in court
Parliament should not support a bill on Information Security
GYLA calls on Chairperson of the Supreme Court...
GYLA applied to the Parliament with alternative reports regarding the state of execution of Strasbourg court cases
Access to courts - Results of a public opinion survey
Killers of Otkhozoria are still unpunished
Results of a survey of population of Georgia in regard to their attitude towards and knowledge of the Prosecutor's Office
Rule of law and human rights during the COVID-19 crisis
Online presentation of the report - “Forms and prevention of torture and ill-treatment”
Evaluation of GYLA related to legislative changes adopted in connection with the state of emergency
GYLA conducted a presentation of results of a research – “Standards of usage of preventive measures”
Electronic distribution system of cases in court