Regional Forum of Volunteers
workshop for young people living in Guria
New programme  - "Women’s Increased Leadership for Resilient and Peaceful Societies"
How to talk to your children about hate speech
Human Rights Talk
Digital Hubs
How to talk to your children about hate speech
"General overview of Post-Soviet states"
The Workshop
Children with disabilities in Europe and Central Asia
Let's talk to children
Seminar on "European Union for Georgia"
the Statistical Portal on Children and Youth.
"What? Where? When?"
IDFI held a public lecture on the topic of Soviet occupation in Kutaisi
new project on preschool education
Climate-Resilient Agriculture – PRAISE Marneuli
EU Introduces “What? Where? When?” Quiz Marathon for Youth
Generation of Independent Georgia: In Between Hopes and Uncertainties- Youth Study 2023
Tech Festival
Air pollution is a major environmental health risk for children