The Government gave up state interests
One year of the de facto state of emergency in Georgia and human rights during the pandemic
Statement of GYLA in regard to the election of judge members of the High Council of Justice
Judicial System Reform in Georgia, 2013-2021
GYLA submitted alternative reports on enforcement of Strasbourg decisions to the Parliament of Georgia
Public Defender Calls on Parliament to Start Justice Reform
Signatory organizations demand to suspend election of judge members of the High Council of Justice
Violations related to the Namakhvani construction
Coalition calls on the Parliament of Georgia
Broader version of the amnesty is problematic
GYLA has won another case of drug-planting in the European Court
GYLA negatively responds to changes to be made in the Code of Administrative Offenses
GYLA has published a legal analysis of election disputes
Court imposed an administrative liability on a person for sexual harassment
An investigative experiment has been conducted with the participation of Afghan Mukhtarli and “Rights Georgia”
Impact of closure of so-called checkpoints in 2019-2020 years on legal situation of population
GYLA calls on political parties
PHR appeals to court to protect rights of children living in institutions
We demand to bring activities of religious boarding schools under real supervision of the state
Rule of law and judicial reform in a document presented by President of the European Council
Women’s Movement expresses its solidarity with Ninutsa Makashvili
An Address to Venice Commission