Statement by the EU Spokesperson
U.S. Embassy Statement on Judgement of the European Court of Human Rights
Female Experts to be Employed in Regional Departments of Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau
Public Defender’s Special Statement
Civil society organizations call on the Government to pass a fundamental reform
Statement of Public Defender’s Council of Religions
Statement of civil society organizations
EMC responds to the religious controversy in the Buknari village
Statement by Public Defender and Tolerance Center of Public Defender on Anti-Semitic Remarks
Public Defender Requests to Allow Simultaneous Enjoyment of Age Pension and Disability Social Package
Public Defender Terms Absence of Female Expert in Samkharauli Forensics Bureau Branch as Discrimination against Female Victim of Violence
Covid 19: Civil Society Resilience and Sustainability
The Constitutional Court partially satisfied a lawsuit of EMC
GYLA submitted comments concerning a bill on amnesty to the Parliament of Georgia
Survey of GYLA – “Forced marriage - legislation and practice”
Modern technology-facilitated gender-based violence
Monitoring Report on service centers (shelters) for victims of violence against women, domestic violence and trafficking 2020
Campaign: Indifference virus kills
Short-term and long-term effects of the second wave of anti-crisis programs
Rights of patients placed in a psychiatric institution - an easy-to-read format
Constitutional Court declared the restriction on copies of case materials unconstitutional
Where problems in homelessness policy are