Public Defender Finds Sexual Harassment in Labour Relations
How to Start and Develop a Business?
Gender Equality Strategy and Action Plan
Meeting with a Mayor and City Hall Representatives
Training: Self-Government - Essence, Structure and Competencies
The USAID YES-Georgia program visited the regions in West Georgia
The 2-day training for public servants
The state funded services provided to DV/VAW victims will be eveluated
Shelters and crisis centers for victims of violence
The results of two studies were presented to the public
Meetings in the Villages of Tuzi and Dimi
 Meeting with Keti Tsilosani
Empowering Women and Youth in the Gori Municipality by Social and Green Entrepreneurship
Meeting with the Women’s Self-Help Group in the Chkhakaura Village
Public Defender’s Special Report on Rights Situation of Women and Girls of Ethnic Minorities
Working meetings held in Marneuli Municipality
Taso Foundation visited village Utsera
Seventeen-year-old Samay against early marriage…
Taso Foundation visited villages Lailashi, Lasuriashi and Surmushi
The results of the six months initiative were summed up
Taso Foundation visited villages Naruja and Ozurgeti
A two-day training on "Ethical media coverage of women’s rights and LGBTQI issues"