Vegetable greenhouse and a family cellar
Evaluation of the EU’s cooperation with Georgia 2014-2020
B2B exhibition organized by CSRDG
A joint meeting for community workers
A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the “Anika” and “Skilwoll Academy”
Georgia's economic dependence on Russia: Impact of the Russia-Ukraine war
Causes of Migration and Employment Opportunities in the Imereti Region
How to Start and Develop a Business?
Employment forum was held in Ozurgeti with the support of the European Union
Training: Self-Government - Essence, Structure and Competencies
Employment Forum in Ozurgeti - JUNE 8
The USAID YES-Georgia program visited the regions in West Georgia
 Meeting with Keti Tsilosani
Empowering Women and Youth in the Gori Municipality by Social and Green Entrepreneurship
The Appeal of Civil Society Organisations of the Samtskhe-Javaketi Region
An informational campaign in Lanchkhuti and Chokhatauri municipalities
Working meetings held in Marneuli Municipality
Taso Foundation visited villages Lailashi, Lasuriashi and Surmushi
Taso Foundation visited villages Naruja and Ozurgeti
Main Economic Challenges of Pandexit
10 Recommendations to the Government of Georgia on Economic Issues
Meetings held in Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli Regions