Forum for leader women
"Citizens for Local Development”
"Voice of Youth in Local Self-Government"
"More Transparency and Accountability for Effective Self-Government"
“Green Guria – Supporting Local Democracy and Rural Development for Inclusive and Resilient Green Growth”
the general assembly of the settlement
Meeting about create a platform
A petition has been officially registered at Zugdidi City Council, advocating for the implementation of the "Municipal Pet Sterilization-Castration Program"
Promoting the Participatory Governance
35 families of Mukhuri village have submitted the request to Chkhorotsku City Hall
An appeal to the local government to arrange a sports field in the village of Arzne in Adigen
Equality and Inclusion: Meeting cycle with the youth
Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Plan
A statement submitted to Zugdidi municipality City Hall
Evaluation of Municipalities’ Gender Equality Policy
The locals are demanding the construction of roads and drainage channels
Local Self-Government Budget and its Monitoring
Adults spoke about the needs in their community
Training in the City Hall of Dusheti Municipality
Women's School for Active Membership of Civil Society
IDFI Held an International Conference – Good Governance Forum 2022