“Branding and Communication” – training for women farmers
Vegetable greenhouse and a family cellar
World Food Day and Rural Women's Day
The “Rural Women Festival”
Informative meetings on the issues of systematic land registration
The Information Meetings with Entrepreneurs were held in Gori and Kareli Districts, near the Occupied Territories
An Event dedicated to the economic empowerment of women living in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region
Women's Employment, Labor and Housework
EU and UNDP promote rural development
Young women from the Javakheti region
Agrotourism Festival 2021
The cycle of webinars to mark International Climate Action Day
Empowering rural women is key to post-pandemic recovery
Sustainable, Low Emission and Climate Sensitive Agriculture
Georgian Cheese Fest
National Strategy for Low-Emission Development
GYLA responds to developments taking place in the village of Shukruti
UN - for the economic empowerment of women farmers
Visible or invisible: Climate change and work of rural women
Women's work – indoor and outdoor
UNDP for Vocational Education & Training
Georgian farmers increase income and productivity with EU and FAO support