Free service of legal assistance
Election media monitoring is on
Special announcement of the Women’s Movement
GYLA addresses Members of Parliament not to violate terms of the “Charles Michel Agreement”
GYLA publishes comments on amendments to the Election Code
Statement of GYLA in regard to the election of judge members of the High Council of Justice
Propaganda narratives on Facebook during the 2020 parliamentary elections
Final Report on Social Media Monitoring for the 2020 Parliamentary Elections
GYLA has published a legal analysis of election disputes
Survey: Political advertising during the elections of 2016-2020 years
GYLA negatively appraises an initiative regarding abolition of election registration of parties
Evaluation of a 2021 electoral reform
Gender dimensions of disinformation in the field of elections, politics and digital information
Clarification of ISFED in regard to summary protocols of PVT precincts
Campaign Finances in Georgia’s 2020 Parliamentary Elections (Final Report)
Changes, to be made to legislation, do not meet democratic standards
Misuse of Administrative Resources during Georgia’s 2020 Parliamentary Elections (Final Report)
USAID commends ISFED for taking the initiative to thoroughly review its parallel vote tabulation (PVT) data…
Kelly Degnan expresses her appreciation to TI Georgia
Joint Statement of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and Human Rights Center on Developments Surrounding the 2020 Parliamentary Elections in Georgia
Second round pre-election environment review and ISFED observation mission
Statement by the Joint Observation Mission of Local and International Organizations: CDD and IDEM