II interim report on monitoring of the 2020 parliamentary elections
Coordinated covert operation of “Alt-Info” on Facebook
Assessment of the Performance of the Parliament of Georgia in 2019
Implementation of the Judicial Strategy and the Action Plan
Public Administration Reform Action Plan
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Georgia in the UN E-Government Survey – Review of 2020 Results
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I interim report on the monitoring of the 2020 parliamentary elections
There are transparency gaps in activities of Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC)
Signs of bribing voters and charity for political purposes...
Organizations call on the Government to establish an independent anti-corruption agency
EMC sends the UN a report related to the state of human rights on the occupied territories
TI: Companies with links to MP Viktor Japaridze received over GEL 6m from procurement
Management of challenges entailed by the COVID-19 infection - a report related to evaluation of actions taken by the Government
GYLA submitted its comments on a reform of the election legislation to the Parliament
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