Child benefits support children in need though many are deprived of crucial services, new Child Welfare Survey says
Confidence in childhood vaccines declines across Europe and Central Asia
International Conference – “On the Bridge of Memory”
International conference “Necropolis of Communist Terror”
Proactive Disclosure of Public Information on Georgian Public Institution Websites
International experts visited the mass graves discovered in Adjara
Access to Public Information by the Media: Legislation v. Reality
Blocked Websites in Georgia: Legal and Practical Analysis
Inaccuracies in the asset declarations of public officials of the Government and Members of the Supreme Council of Adjara
Meeting with Erasmus+ program participants
IDFI held a presentation and film screening about repressed people in Kaspi, Borjomi, and Gori
State Resources at the Service of the Ruling Party: Proven Methods of Vote Buying and Illegal Mobilization of Voters in Georgia
Legal entities of municipalities of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti pay salaries in the amount of GEL 52 m in 2022
IDFI held a presentation of the regional results of the Global Data Barometer (GDB) survey
IDFI Assessment of Amendments to the Law of Georgia on Facilitating the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
First meeting of the Platform for Dialogue Between Historians was held in Albania
A local needs research methodology trainings
The state funded services provided to DV/VAW victims will be eveluated
Report on Impact of Covid 19 on Health and Other Rights of Prisoners and Staff of Penitentiary System
The results of two studies were presented to the public
The Implications of the Second Karabakh War on Georgia's Non-Dominant Ethnic Groups