The administrations of State Representatives spent more than GEL 5.5 million in 2021
Celebrating May 9 in Russia
Public Defender’s Special Report on Rights Situation of Women and Girls of Ethnic Minorities
International Conference - Digital Transformation of Georgia: Proactive Steps Toward EU Accession
Annexation of History - Russian Hybrid war and Ukraine
Digital Transformation of Georgia: Proactive Steps Toward EU Accession
Special Report on Impact of Covid 19 on Children’s Rights in Georgia
IDFI Legislative Proposal on Access to Archival Documents
Main Economic Challenges of Pandexit
A publication “Research NATO”
Anthropological study of the remains of the Great Terror has started in Batumi
Closing of the School on Party Politics – Spring Session 2022
Racial profiling in Georgia
Processing of Biometric and Genetic Data - European Standards
IDFI and the Business and Technology University signed a Memorandum of Cooperation
The first stage of work on the mass grave of the Great Terror (1937-1938) in Khelvachauri has been completed
Country Gender Equality Profile of Georgia
From Independence to Freedom: How the state and society are changing in the new Georgia
Remains of 29 victims were found in the grave №6
Attitudes and Perceptions: Towards Russia in Georgia/Towards Georgia in Russia
The scientists will study the graves of the repressed people during the Mass Terror in Adjara
My Graphic History: Soviet Repressions in Adjara through Comic Books