The importance, role, stages, methods and specifics of advocacy
A 3-day training-session “NATO Youth Academy”
The educational resource: Parents ABC
The graduation Ceremony for the project participants
Training Module: Pre-academic skills and transition
The First module has started
Disinformation and Democracy: Challenges in the Context of Transitional Democracy
How to Start and Develop a Business?
Training for CSOs: Effective Engagement and Collaboration on the Issues of Digital Vulnerability
Workshop with Teachers: Identifying the Needs of Vulnerable Groups in the Georgian Education System during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Employees of Public Defender's Office Complete First Stage of “Child and Police” Project
Over 30 young climate activists will participate in the Green Camp
Peter Wiebler handed certificates and Biblus vouchers to the three winner students/teams of a nationwide competition
Public Defender Meets with Tbilisi State University Students
 Russia and the West in the South Caucasus with Dr. Alexander Rondeli
Inclusive Kindergarten in the Village of Kvatia
Two-Day Training for newly established organizations
Working meeting with the participation of professionals involved in the diversion and mediation program
International Conference on Early Childhood Education
Training on the importance, role, methods and specifics of advocacy
IDFI Conducted Trainings on Localization of SDGs for Keda, Senaki, Oni and Sagarejo Municipalities
The 2-day training for public servants