Support for girls with disabilities during puberty
Regional training program “Youth for change”
We-Tech – a new educational platform for women and girls
A program “Samastsavleblo” has been launched
Campaign: Vaccines for Life
A job search skills course
IDFI: Training for participants of the Certificate Program in Fighting Corruption
A new web page of grants, scholarships and trainings
Simulation Training on Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism
Trainings for teachers on sustainable forest management and renewable energy
Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism: A handbook of international best practices
Lectures for Youth in Zarzma
Participants of the Workshop of the Disinformation and Propaganda Program were Awarded Certificates
A new initiative of UNICEF for schoolchildren, their parents and teachers
Workshop for Biliki Staff
Trainings for volunteers in the framework of “Mestumre”
Guide to equality for authors of school textbooks
Kaori Ishikawa met with the Association of Georgian Girl Scouts “Dia”
A training session on negotiations for the public servants
A five-day training course “Human Rights in Action”
Handbook “Constitutional Justice”
Deprivation of the right to receive education in the Georgian language in Gali took the most severe forms...