Open statement to the international community and intergovernmental organisations
Kaori Ishikawa met with Tea Akvlediani
EU support for Ukraine
Inter-community relations, micro-conflicts and an integration policy
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Myths and misconceptions in the debate on Russia
Imaginary Georgian policy of reconciliation and confidence building
Geneva International Discussions and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda
Public Defender’s Statement on Events Developed in Rioni Gorge
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Public Defender’s Statement on Tragedy in Enguri River
Statement by the EU Spokesperson
U.S. Embassy Statement on Judgement of the European Court of Human Rights
Case - Georgia v. Russia: Overview of the European Court decision
GYLA: “What the Strasbourg Court stated about the case of the August 2008 war”
EMC calls on the Government
Conflict regions and human rights in pre-election visions of political parties – 2020
Disinformation spread in Armenian and Azerbaijani media in regard to the position of Georgia on the Karabakh conflict
Escalation of the Karabakh conflict: Threats and challenges to Georgia
Peace Manifesto
12 years since the August war and grave consequences of the war