Information Integrity Coalition - Presentation
Media Center for the 2021 self-government elections
Media pogrom: Tbilisi, July 5-6, 2021
Coalition: The incident that occurred in Kareli is a result of the aggressive politics of the ruling party
GDI: “Ruling party Continues to use justice for political revenge in the pre-election period”
Media Advocacy Coalition responds to the statement of Kakha Kaladze
The report – ‘Persecution and Harassment of Critical Journalists at Ajara TV’
Protection of confidentiality of a journalistic source
Online Educational Course: “Digital transformation Media School”
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The Charter condemns the statement of Kakha Kaladze
Statement of “Media Advocacy Coalition”
Meeting with Journalists and Media Sector Advocates
What did Charles Michel actually say when he mentioned one generation?
Facebook deleted the page of Alt-Info based on an ISFED report
The strategy of violent groups of Kremlin: Burning of Western symbols should become a norm
Before the first briefing of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a version of overdose death of Lashkarava was published by “Marshalpress”
Public Defender’s Statement on Investigation of Actions of Organizers of July 5-6 events
“Prime Minister of Georgia should resign immediately due to the Severe Consequences of the July 5 violence”
EPRC extends its condolences to the family and colleagues of Lekso Lashkarava
GYLA defends rights of journalists affected on July 5
List of journalists attacked by violent groups